Is A Bleak Winter Landscape Getting You Down?

Here are some tips from Property Services Landscape of Leesburg, VA: Guaranteed to cheer up a dreary winter landscape!

Focal points: Winter provides an excellent opportunity to critically evaluate your landscape. With no blooms or foliage, save the Evergreens, in your Loudoun County landscape, you are left with the “bare bones,” of your landscape design. This allows you to see if your focal points are achieving their desired effect. Focal points include sculpture, garden structures, boulders and planting containers. A smartly placed focal point achieves dramatic or subtle, year-round interest within your landscape. A water structure, such as a pond, or waterfall will continue to provide interest in the pared downed winter landscape. Try adding an arbor, a bench or a trellis; even a lone container can create a center of attention in the winter months.

Add Some Color: Nothing adds some spice to a winter landscape quite like a pop of color. Paint an exterior door an arresting blue or a vibrant red. A painted arbor or fence is also an excellent way to introduce a splash of color to your winter landscape. Colorful containers for evergreens placed within the existing landscape provide vibrancy and interest.

Many trees and shrubs hold on to their berries in the winter months. Try some colorful winter plants like Red Cornus or Hollie Shrubs. Another option is a cool weather bloom plant such as Amellias and Hellebores, which can be planted within a patch of evergreens, to contrast their “ever-green,’ leaves.

Build a Fireside Retreat: What is more inviting than a roaring fire on a crisp winter night? Add a firepit to your Loudoun County Lawn, or have one built to fit your stone patio. Place comfortable outdoor furniture around the fire and don’t forget to provide some cozy blankets to keep you, and your company warm for some Hot Toddys and S’mores on a fiery winter’s night.

Outdoor Mood Lighting: Use outdoor lights to illuminate focal points such as arbors or water structures or even a row of Evergreens. Don’t forget to lighten up walkways and exterior doors to provide safe passage in the dark winter evenings.

Showcase Some Bark: Of course, deciduous trees lose their leaves in the Loudoun County Winter, but many still maintain beautiful bark. Dogwoods and Birch Tress provide both rich texture and color. Drape their empty branches with lighted ornaments or a string of white lights. Or just shine an outdoor light on them to create a focal point.

Don’t Forget The Evergreens. Evergreens are great in all seasonal landscapes, especially the winter landscape. They are always in bloom to fill in a bleak winter lawn. Then there is color. Evergreens are not just green, as the name implies, but are available in yellow, such as Gold Thread False Cypress, and blues, like Dwarf Blue Spruce. Evergreens provide a focal point in your Loudoun County landscape, all year long. No bed is complete without an Evergreen to anchor it.

So don’t despair! While winter is here, there are still ways to create a cheery winter landscape!

Property Services Landscape is owned and operated by Brian Wedemeyer, Leesburg native. Property Services Landscape serves the following towns: Leesburg, Ashburn, Aldie, Broadlands, Hillsboro, Lansdowne, Lincoln, Lovettsville, Middleburg, Philomont, Round Hill, Bluemont, Upperville, Purcellville, Hamilton, Waterford, and surrounding northern Virginia areas.

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