Get To Know Brian Wedemeyer

Brian Wedemeyer is the owner and operator of Property Services Landscape, Leesburg, Virginia.

Brian grew up in Leesburg and has deep connections, both personally and professionally, in and about Loudoun County. As many Loudoun County residents are aware, this area of Northern Virginia has gone through major growth since Brian was a boy. People have moved in from all over the country, business has boomed and now Loudoun County is continually ranked as one of the best Counties’ to live in America and consistently ranked as the wealthiest County in America

Loudoun Lawn CareBrian’s story mirrors this growth. After high school Brian traveled the country but was drawn back to his home town of Leesburg, Virginia. His father owned a small landscaping company: Property services Landscape, which mostly specialized in lawn mowing and lawn services. In 1992, Brian’s dad was ready to retire. Brian describes what happened next, “My pop said to me ‘I’ve got an old truck and a mower if you want them. I’m gonna retire.’ So I took the truck and the mower and started mowing yards in the Leesburg Area. And now…twenty-three years later, Property Services Landscape has a fleet of thirteen trucks and the latest in landscaping equipment, fourteen employees and serves over 600 satisfied customers.”


In the past 23 years, Brian has worked hard to expand basic lawn mowing to providing every service your Loudoun County yard and garden requires to look lush and well card for:

Lawn mowing: trimming, edging, blowing & clean up
Fertilizer Program: a six round application
Fall and Spring Clean ups: mulching, leaf removal
Turf Renovation: core aeration, dethatching, overseeding, topdressing
Tree and Shrub Insecticide: two applications
Landscape Design: Installation of patios, walkways, retaining wall, fire pits

Property Services Landscape has grown with the thriving economy of Loudoun County because not only does Property Services Landscape use the best, cutting edge equipment, retain a consistent, reliable workforce but Brian personally oversees every project Property Services Landscapes oversees.

Brian knows his customers and his customers know Brian. And that’s the way he likes it. If you’ve ever gone out on the town with Brian, you quickly understand how connected he is to the community of Loudoun County, and that Property Services Landscape is an integral part of that community.

Brian built his dream house in Purcellville. A log Cabin with a beautiful vista of his favorite landscape: Loudoun County, Virginia. His biggest priorities in life are raising his daughter, Laurel and running Property Services Landscape with courtesy, efficiency and a commitment to the land and the customers he serves.

Contact Brian today for a free estimate on all of your landscaping needs!

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