Ice Removal In Loudoun County

Got ice? Get advice.

If your home is like most in the Loudoun County area you have already seen your fair share of ice on your Leesburg or Purcellville home. Ice is dangerous, for you, your family and your guests. And ice likes to gather on the most frequented areas of your home hardscapes, such as your driveway, your walkways, your patios and your stoops. With the upcoming Super Bowl you may find yourself entertaining a group of guests, or perhaps running to a friend’s house. Now is the time to clean up those ice-ridden areas and make them safe for everyone.

Property Services Landscape of Lessburg Virginia would like to offer the following tips for safe ice removal:

• Watch Your Footing
The first step for safe ice removal is to make sure you have a non-slippery spot to stand upon. A cost effective solution that will provide adequate traction is kitty litter. Sprinkle some on the icy area you are working on to ensure safe footing. Wear rubber-soled-weather-proofed boots and make sure to layer up because Northern Virginia is cold in the winter.

• Be Mindful Of Chemical Products
Rock Salt is everywhere. It is widely considered the go-to for ice removal, but take heed; for while it is temporarily effective, a layer of rock salt, or sodium chloride, can cause damage to hardscapes such as walkways, driveways, patios and stoops. Rock salt is also damaging to plants, trees and shrubs in your Loudoun County lawn. A good option is magnesium chloride, which is less corrosive than other chemical products, and works well for melting ice. Be certain to read the labels before purchasing any ice melting products. Remember winter passes but spring is around the corner, and it would be a shame to do unnecessary damage to your landscape.

• Remove Those Perilous Icicles
Sure, they look pretty, but icicles are a real danger. Be proactive and remove any hanging icicles from the roof edges or gutters of your home. This will keep you, your family, your friends and even pets safe from falling icicles.

Remember that working in icy conditions is not for everyone. If you are prone to injury, have a history of heart problems, back problems or breathing problems, or hypothermia, you should avoid ice removal. Contact a local snow or ice removal company if you are unable, or unavailable to do the job yourself.

A few well calculated steps can make winter in Loudoun County a safe and fun season for everyone.

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