Loudoun Summer Mowing Tips

Mowing in the summer comes with its own rules of thumb, especially when talking about a green thumb. Following a small set of guidelines for Loudoun will help ensure that your lawn is healthy, and green, all through the summer months.

shrubs mulchMost people will find it surprising to hear that mower blades need to be sharpened three times during the mowing season. Doing so ensure a greener and healthier lawn. Dull mower blades leave the tips of grass with a tinge of yellow. A sharp cut reduces stress on the lawn. After mowing, your lawn should still look nice and green.

In the Leesburg summer months, the height of your mowing blades should be raised to between 2 1/2″ to 3 1/2″. The higher grass length helps to shade the grass roots, while keeping the soil beneath a cooler temperature. The goal is to gain longer root length to provide optimal lawn health.

In most cases, leaving lawn clipping where they lay promotes lawn health. As long as clumps of grass are on present, grass nutrients will be returned to the soil. The exception is if lawn diseases are present. Leaving diseased clippings on the lawn may contribute to promoting the disease.

Keeping the mower’s underside clean and free from clipping buildup will ensure that the flow of cut grass provides a quality result. When the mower operates at a standard that falls outside of its original design, they lawn trim will not be optimal.

For high performance mowing, try using premium fuel in the mowers tank. The grass cutting rig will enjoy the higher burning higher octane and cut out less when encountering tall grass. It can also help to burn off the carbon build up, keeping the engine cleaner.

Here in Loudoun County, Property Services Landscape uses these tips to create efficiency while proving best possible lawn for our clients. Whether your home, or business, is located in Loudoun County, these helpful grass cutting tips will help to ensure a green and healthy lawn during the summer months.

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