Protect and Recover Your Loudoun Lawn From Heavy Rain

If you live in Loudoun County, Virginia, you know one thing: The rain is here and it plans on staying for quite a few days.

There is even talk of a hurricane. So what is a homeowner to do to protect and recover their landscape? Your team at Property Services Landscape, of Leesburg, Virginia has your answers:

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Preparing for the storm:

• Check your landscape for vulnerable objects: bring patio cushions, bird feeders and wind chimes inside, place potted plants, hanging baskets, and patio umbrellas in your garage or shed. Check your yard for tools and lawn art, which can become deadly weapons in high winds.
• Take a good look at your trees: Are any trees close enough to your home to be uprooted by strong winds? Are any trees rotted? If so, you may want to consider having them cut back, or even cut down. Secure young trees with stakes to the ground.
• Make sure all chemicals that may be in potential flood zones, like basements, sheds or garages are placed on high shelves.
• Clean out those gutters and drains to prevent clogging, as they can lead to flooding. Be especially mindful of clogged drains outside of walk-out basements. Watch when the heavy rain falls. If you notice a downpour in particular areas of your home, it is most likely due to a clogged gutter.

After Storm Care:

• Drains: If you notice significant flooding in a particular area of your Loudoun Lawn you may need to consider installing a drain to prevent future flooding. Many types of drains are available to alleviate flooding: French Drains, Curtain Drains, Sump Pumps and Dry Wells. For more information on specifics drains try Redbeacon at:
• Avoid walking on your lawn: footprints in heavily saturated lawns can cause compaction and ruts.
• Watch for mushrooms: Heavy rain can often times bring mushrooms. They are usually eliminated with a fresh mow or rake.
• Look out for algae: Algae, is a natural, yet destructive consequence, of heavy rainfall. Try raking algae away.
• Check your plants for spots or discoloration: Too much water can deprive your plants of nitrogen. The soil of Northern Virginia is generally compromised, as it is high in iron and low in nutrients, which makes plants particularly prone to spotting or root-rot. This problem is generally remedied with fertilization.
• Prevent Root Rot: Roots that are water-saturated cannot derive the nutrients from the soil they require to strive. This leads to root rot. A good cure is Aeration, which provides oxygen to over-saturated plants.

But what if your mushrooms and algae keep returning to your Purcellville or Leesburg Lawn? What if your lawn continues to flood with heavy rainfall? And what about the mess? After the storm is the perfect time to schedule your fall clean-up. Dislodged limbs, scattered leaves and sodden grass need a landscaping clean-up.  Have your lawn treated by the Leesburg Landscaping Experts at Property Services Landscape.

Fall is generally considered the best time for a glorious and rich lawn. Don’t let a few days of rain ruin your Loudoun Landscape.

Contact Brian Wedemeyer, owner and operator, of Property Services Landscape, with any questions or concerns. Read about our Loudoun area Lawn Mowing Services.

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