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Safe Snow Shoveling in Loudoun County, VA

No winter in Loudoun County, VA is complete without a little snow and ice. Proper snow removal can keep you, your family and your friends’ safe from dangerous falls. As such, Property Services Landscape of Leesburg, VA would like to remind you of the following safety tips when shoveling your driveway and walkways:

Should you be Shoveling:
Snow shoveling is not for everyone. If you are prone to injury, have a history of heart problems, back problems, breathing problems or hypothermia you should avoid snow removal.

Dress for the Weather:
One way to prevent injury is to dress appropriately for the cold weather. Always wear warm socks, a hat, a scarf, and mittens or gloves to lessen direct skin exposure to the cold air. Waterproof boots with soles that are slip-resistant are a must for safe snow removal in Loudoun County. And remember to dress in layers so if you get too warm you can remove them slowly.

Do a Warm Up:
As is true for all strenuous activity a brief warm up is the best way to avoid injury. Ten minutes of stretching or light exercise is generally recommended.

Pick a Snow Shovel that Works for You:
Never use a regular shovel for snow removal. Your snow shovel should fit your body size and your level of strength. The handle should be the right length for your height to avoid leaning forward while shoveling, which can cause back injury. Conversely, if the handle is too high you will also be risking back injury. Remember to choose a snow shovel that is not too heavy to prevent muscle strain.

Use Proper Shoveling Form:
The correct way to lift a shovelful of snow is to keep your back straight while bending your knees and squatting down with your legs apart. Do not throw shovelfuls of snow over your shoulder or to your side. The safest method is to carry shovelfuls of snow to where you want to place them, while keeping your arms close to your body. This will reduce stress on your spine.

Don’t Wait Until the Snow Piles up to Begin Shoveling:
Snow Removal should commence when the ground is lightly covered and continued throughout the snowfall. This will prevent the need to shovel in deep snow. However, if you must shovel a deep snowfall start in layers, removing the top layer and working downward.

Have a bottle of water handy and drink up as you work.

Prevent Overexerting Yourself:
Take breaks regularly and pace yourself. Be sure to step inside and warm up from time to time. And above all, listen to your body. If you are feeling sore don’t push yourself. If you experience any chest pain seek medical attention immediately.

Keep an Eye Out for Slippery Areas:
Ice patches and uneven terrain can cause falls. As you shovel watch out for these hazards. After shoveling is complete sprinkle some rock salt, which will help melt ice and reduce the risk of slipping.

A few precautions while shoveling can make all the difference to the safety of you, your family and your friends, and allow you to enjoy that winter wonderland that is Loudoun County in the snow.

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