Springtime Renewal for your Loudoun Lawn

The old cliché rings true in Loudoun county, Virginia, as well as anywhere; March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. And when the lion leaves we are left with spring, a time to begin a winter landscape recovery and a spring time landscape renewal. Property Services Landscape of Leesburg, Virginia is prepared to bring your landscape and lawn back to its glorious self.

Look around at your Loudoun County Lawn…what do you see?

• Broken limbs on shrubs and trees?
• Scattered, moldy and damp leaves?
• Trampled grass?
• Squashed plantings?
• Stones and bricks from walkways and walls out of place?
• Hardscapes covered with debris?
• Broken fences?
• Perhaps, all of the above?

But take heart, for this can all be fixed by your Loudoun County lawn care experts at Property Services Landscape.

To help you rediscover your lawn and landscape we’ve prepared the following Spring Cleanup Checklist:

Landscape Clean-up: to get rid of the winter residue of unwanted sticks, branches and debris
A Complete Turf Renovation, inclusive of:
Aeration: to relieve compaction in your lawn so that water and nutrients can penetrate the ground and reach your lawn’s roots
Overseeding: to help fill in those bare spots on your lawn and return it to its green glory
Topdressing: to help integrate organic materials into the clay soil, so typical of Northern Virginia, in order for your lawn, planting beds, shrubs and trees to thrive
Landscape Maintenance, consisting of:
weeding and pruning existing beds to rectify winter damage and renovate overgrown shrubs
planting of new beds to add color and interest to your lawn
Organic Pest Control for trees and shrubs: to help prevent infestation and/or to kill insects that are already reeking damage on your trees and shrubs
Fertilization: to prevent that nasty crabgrass
Lawn Mowing: inclusive of mowing your lawn, edging all of your ornamental beds, edging your sidewalks, driveway and curbs and of course, and after job cleanup
Mulching: to bring existing or new beds back to life and prepare them for spring growth
Hardscaping: spring is the perfect time to add a new hardscape such as a patio, walkway, retaining wall or even a water feature, such as a fountain or stream
Outdoor Lighting Installation: brighten up your outdoor space to enjoy its splendor in the warm spring nights and to add safety and security to your Loudoun county home

So when you are ready to breathe a little springtime splendor into your landscape, call Property Services Landscape of Leesburg, Virginia and let the springtime renewal commence.

Property Services Landscape is owned and operated by Brian Wedemeyer, Leesburg native and serves the following towns: Leesburg, Ashburn, Aldie, Broadlands, Hillsboro, Lansdowne, Lincoln, Lovettsville, Middleburg, Philomont, Round Hill, Bluemont, Upperville, Purcellville, Hamilton, Waterford, and surrounding northern Virginia areas.

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